FURY Race Cars is a manufacturing company based in Mooresville, North Carolina that designs and builds race cars for competition in NASCAR, ARCA, Pro All-Star Series, SCCA, CARS Tour, SRL Southwest Tour, Southern Super Series and numerous other series around the world.

FURY Race Cars was officially established in 2016, but its history actually begins many years before that. It all started back in 1992, when a chassis craftsman from Maine named Steve Leavitt moved to North Carolina to work for Hendrick Motorsports. After much success in the NASCAR Cup series, Steve broke out on his own and started Leavitt Chassis. In 2010, Leavitt designed and built his first Late Model race car, and in early 2014, he designed and built the first Modified.

Later in 2014, after constructing five Late Models and two Modifieds, Leavitt sold the designs and tooling to build both cars to a company named LFR Chassis Inc. LFR Chassis, which employed Tony Eury Jr. and Jeff Fultz, wasted no time before winning races with both vehicle models, even capturing the 2015 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Championship. Unfortunately, despite tremendous on-track success, LFR Chassis went out of business in the summer of 2016.

This is where the official FURY story begins. In August of 2016, Darius Grala founded a brand-new company named FURY Race Cars. As LFR Chassis was shutting down their operation, FURY acquired the designs, tooling and all intellectual property for both the LFR Late Model and the LFR Modified race cars. FURY also brought on Eury Jr. and Fultz as partners in the business, and hired several other key former LFR employees, including crew chief Ryan Stone, Modified artisan Bob Yost and body expert Michael Conforth. Now, with the genius of the former Leavitt designs, the winning expertise of the former LFR team, and a solid business foundation, FURY was "on-track" for great success.

As predicted, success came rather quickly. Before the year ended, FURY customers had captured 11 victories, including winning arguably the most prestigious event in Late Model racing, the Snowball Derby. Through constant design improvements, the release of the FURY Setup Guide and unparalleled customer support, FURY customer win totals exploded, and by 2019, FURY cars (now categorized as Model L for Late Models and Model M for Modifieds) had visited Victory Lane more than 200 times in some of the country’s other most prestigious events, such as the Snowflake 100, Thompson Speedway Icebreaker, Redbud 300, CRA SpeedFest, Rattler 250, Winchester 400, Short Track Nationals, Mobile 300, World Series of Asphalt, North/South SLM Challenge, Dixieland 250 and RedEye 100.

In 2017, FURY reached another continent when it began competing in the LMV8 Oval Racing Series in Europe, earning nine wins since, two of which were victories in the illustrious EuroCup event, and a championship in 2018. Also in 2018, FURY began prototype production of the Model R road racing car, and in 2019, the Model R won its first competitive events in SCCA's GT1 Class.

In addition to building state-of-the-art race cars, FURY’s in-house parts department and full-service repair shop makes maintenance and crash repairs seamless for its customers. FURY has also built an extensive network of authorized parts dealers and repair facilities to keep its more remotely-located customers across North America running efficiently. FURY’s Factory Supported Team (FaST) Program adds an even greater level of technical and promotional support.

FURY Race Cars continues to grow, improve and refine the groundwork laid nearly a decade ago, evolving into what is now the winningest race car manufacturer in North America.

What Separates Us

FURY Technical Alliance

Tony Eury Sr. and Tony Eury Jr. inspect a Fury Race Car in progress.

In joining the FURY Technical Alliance, you have access to our expert staff who will assist you with handling issues, setup changes and any other technical support you may need.

FURY Setup Guide


When you purchase a FURY Race Car, you receive a copy of the FURY Setup Guide, which details every component in your car and helps you get the most out of your investment.

Consistent & Repeatable

Fury Race Cars chassis components.

Every bar on our cars has been drawn in CAD and shaped by a CNC Bender, meaning each car we build is identical. This makes our product consistent and gives setup changes predictable results.

One Stop Shop

The Fury Race Cars parts room

Our Parts Room's experienced staff can provide you with any components you need for any FURY Race Car. Pick it up from our shop or we'll send it to you.

Top Tier Craftsmanship


Our staff has decades of experience in the highest levels of motorsports, meaning your car is built with the same quality and care as a NASCAR Cup Series car.

Product Parity


We are the only race car manufacturer who will sell you the exact car our customers win with. No matter how big or small your team is, you can win in a FURY Race Car.

Our People

Darius Grala



Tony Eury Jr.


General Manager

Jeff Fultz


Competition Director

Mike Fritts


Production Manager

Rick Viers


Purchasing Manager

Bob Askin



Michael Conforth


Fabrication Specialist

Casey Cooke


Assembly Specialist

Tony Eury Sr.


Fabrication Specialist

Almon Evans


Welding Assistant

Benjamin Mercado


Welding Assistant

Mark Nelson


Parts Sales

Joanne Plemenos


Financial Advisor

Dave Roerig


Welding Specialist

Rick Tassinari


Fabrication Specialist

Jessica Trippy


Public Relations

Robert Yost


Welding Specialist



Shop Supervisor



Head of Security